I gaze upon this land
and I know you made it
your hands like an artist’s brush
painting landscapes with a lover’s touch.
The beauty of this world overshadows the ugliness
I gaze upon your people
and see the ones who hate you
who spit on your name.
I weep for them
because no matter what I say
I can not make them see the light
and that means they will never know you.
You died for them
and yet they ignore it.
I gaze upon your followers
and see a people who love you
a people I am proud to be a part of.
I see an army
marching against your enemy.
Lord keep us strong.
I gaze upon this world you created in just seven days
even though there is little hope for it.
I try to stay strong
even though the weight is sometimes too much to bear.
I just think of how you bore the weight of the cross
It makes it a little easier to carry my cross.

-Chris Alkire (Newport, WA)


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